[likeness of crest inside a wooden box from my collection - dated 1819-1820]

John Price / Price & Gosnell / John Gosnell & Co. (1677-Present)

I have started work on a Combined index of my collection. Click through the thumbnails for more detail. Pictures of items that I own (Green background) are LARGE.

My thanks to Chris Warner, Lesley and Nikki at John Gosnell & Co. Ltd. whom I recently visited at their site in Lewes. They have very kindly allowed me to browse through their archives. I am still collating the fruits of two visits. Initial results are now included in my combined index (see above). Chris has also given permission for me to include my copy of "Through the Fragrant Years - A History of the House of Gosnell" on the site. It was written by his grandfather, then proprietor of the firm, in 1947 and describes the history of the company in detail along with interesting anecdotes and some information about the Gosnell family.

Pot Lid collectors may be interested to note the appearance of what looks like Cherry Tooth Paste Magnums in this Shop Window and [partially] over the shoulder of this Japanese Gentleman. Close inspection of the stall beside which he is standing, also a reveals a very large pair of Trichosaron Hair Brushes (picture, or the real thing ?) and a beautiful period presentation box of brushes.

I am also working on a Chronology of the company, drawn from various sources, initially to aid in dating items.

I've done a bit of research on the Geography of the company's premises location. I find this useful when trying to imagine how they ran their day to day business and how they changed location over time.

I'm finally getting round to publishing my genealogical research into my line of the Gosnell family and others.

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